Channel Rules (Extended)

I try to keep the number of rules in my channel to a minimum to keep it simple; however I know sometimes this can be more confusing for some people. I also wanted to create this document for people who are punished for violating my channel rules, but are unsure of why.

Hi, just call me **OT**!

**Blind Gaming** is playing a game for the **first time**, **without spoiling myself** with walkthroughs or watching other playthroughs of the game. I’ve been doing exclusively Blind playthroughs on JTV/Twitch since **April 15, 2011.**

No unsolicited help.

UNLESS if I say “guys I want a spoiler/help.” All other questions = rhetorical.

Please don’t color my game anticipations/expectations.

This includes fake spoilers, letting me know how far I am in a game, or how close I am to completing a game.

Ask before helping w/a description.

If you feel strongly about giving a hint, ASK LIKE THIS:
“OT, do you want a hint about your ammo?”

Post descriptions with links.

Links are okay, but I want everyone to know where they’re going!

Don’t advertise, ask to co-host, or become mod.

Ask to co-host in a private message ahead of time. I am happy with my current mods.

Follow Wheaton’s Law.

Leave your problems at the door & don’t be a dick! Don’t argue with mods, don’t badmouth other casters/viewers, or bring drama in here. This is a Party Bus and I want to keep this a fun & safe place for my viewers!