Co-Hosting Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before entering the call!

  • Commentate on the game and on what’s being said in chat by the chatters. The last thing I want to do is ignore my chatters. While party calls are fun, they are not an excuse to ignore my chatters and just talk to each other.
  • The reason I have co-hosts is I want to enhance the entertainment value of my show.
  • I also have co-hosts if I anticipate I won’t be able to pay as much attention to my chatters.
  • Here is a link to pop out chat. Use it.
  • All of my channel rules also apply on calls. Mainly, please remember everyone has a right to an opinion, but it is possible to have one without being a jerk to others.
  • To avoid echo and feedback, please mute the stream audio and wear headphones
  • Thanks for following the rules, and thanks for helping to enhance the entertainment value of my show!

Useful Links