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Shadow of the colossus

You’re this guy who travels to a forbidden land and yes a forbidden sword to slay these colossus because a voice is telling you to thinking that it will revive a girl

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toadening intesifies

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Boiling Point

It has the best theme tune.

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you’re a random mute ragged monk dude going through a desert meeting other random mute ragged monk dudes but its a lot more poetic, artsy and fun than I’m making it sound

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Available on PSX (including PSN re-releases), and remastered for PSP, FFT is hands down the best Tactical RPG I’ve ever played. With an excellent “Job” system, fantastic music, and phenominal storyline, you will be hooked.

Also, with the proper tools, you can mod it. For great justice.

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Kingdom hearts

You play as this boy who becomes known as a keyblade master (exactly what it sounds like) and the key blade has the power to seal worlds away from darkness. So you are joined together with Donald and goofy on a quest to save all the Disney worlds away from darkness. ( it sounds like a kids game but this game is my favorite to this day)

Metal Gear Rising REVENGEANCE

So you just go around slicing the shit out of every single living thing in the nearby radius and it the most orgasmic brawler I have ever played. The soundtrack is the amalgamation of thousands of panties dropping simultaneously and Raiden destroys the ever loving fuck out of everything.



Pudding and memes.

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