The Worst “__” Ever Nominations

What is the Worst Christmas BBQ Ever/Worst Xmas Ever?

  • The Worst BBQ Ever and the Worst Christmas Ever are events run by the Top Percentage Gaming Community
  • Twice a year, the TPG Community organizes a non-stop schedule of broadcasters lasting several days
    • Broadcasters are nominated by their viewership, and are contacted by our community
    • Nominees who are interested reply with their availability
    • Remaining time slots are open up to the public for filling
  • Broadcasters stream during their time slots, and then host/raid the next broadcaster in the schedule
  • This process repeats until the event is done
  • The event also includes blocks of time for anime, movies, races, and open multiplayer, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

Why participate?

  • Nominating is a great way to support your favorite broadcaster!
  • All Broadcasters have an opportunity to broadcast for communities they normally don’t broadcast for
  • This event allows broadcasters to try new cast formats they normally don’t follow with their regular audience
  • The event opens networking opportunities for broadcasters
  • It gives viewers a chance to find new broadcasters and make new friends in other communities

It’s simple:

  • Nominate broadcasters using the link below
  • A month before the event we will reach out to broadcasters 
  • Mark your calendar for four days of nonstop amazing broadcasters
  • Tell more people to nominate your broadcaster!

Nominate a caster for the Worst BBQ Ever 2018!