TWCE 2017 Resource Page

Hello there!

I have set up this page with everything you need to participate in the event in the case of the Discord server going down. You can find all of the branding materials at the bottom.

You are free to do anything with your broadcast as long as it conforms with the Twitch TOS. With that said, we hope you have fun with this event!

We only ask the following of you & your broadcast:

  • Use our event watermark
  • Send a /raid to the next broadcaster at the end of your slot

Friendly reminders:

  • Timing

    • Set aside 15 minutes to half an hour to set up your broadcast so you’re ready to hit that LIVE button!
    • This will allow you an opportunity to quickly fix any issues you have, without eating into your allocated slot
    • It’s also a good idea to already be in the current broadcaster’s chat in case you need an extra 5 minutes to ready yourself
  • Social Media

    • Use your social media to tweet out your cast; ex. Twitter
    • Our Twitter account, @TPGamingTTV, will be set to schedule tweets based on the broadcast schedule
    • Our Twitter account will be set to RT any tweets containing #TWCE2017, that meet the appropriate filters
    • To keep the hype train going, RT/Share any tweets from @TPGamingTTV or #TWCE2017 to keep the hype train going
  • Chat Bots

    • If your channel uses a chat bot, you can set up a command like the one below
    • !twce2017 “I’m taking part in the #TWCE2017! The event runs from 14th – 17th December; check out the lineup of awesome casters –

(If you want bonus points, you can also somehow make your broadcast related to bacon. This is not a requirement, but used to be in older iterations of this event back when we started it in 2012. You may see some of our older community members doing this!)

Animated Watermark

Info Section Badge (If you’d like to use it!)

Useful Links

Event Schedule

General Event Information Page

Discord Server